Have you ever heard the saying “blank is the new black”? This expression is most commonly used in the fashion world referring to the hot color of the season. Its meaning is to say that so and so color is the latest trend making it just as much of a necessity as black would be in your closet.

Our site is called Not The New Black because our focus is on ethical fashion which we believe not to be a trendy thing but the absolute right thing to do. We believe that being a conscious consumer is not about following a trend but about giving a damn.

Our consumerism should never infringe on another person’s freedom.



We believe that in order for there to be real impactful change in our world today that more people need to “give a damn” about our world and the people in it. Our society has become so complacent and consumer driven that we have put products over people and sacrificed ethics for aesthetics.

Every month we feature a new “give a damn” theme in which we discuss a topic related to ethical fashion in which we believe ourselves, and our society, need to give more of a damn about.

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Ethical fashion should be defined by empowerment rather than charity. Companies/products that are based on a one-for-one model might make you feel good about your consumerism habits but they aren’t doing much in the long-run of global development. We believe that the most beneficial way to help people is not to give handouts but to provide jobs. It’s about creating cycles of empowerment rather than cycles of dependency. 

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Conscious Brands

Not The New Black dares to believe that our consumer habits could be used to empower people to rise above poverty rather than fueling the cycle of poverty.

We believe that if we value people more than we value products and if we place ethics over aesthetics that this could one day be true. In order to help you on your journey to conscious consumerism, we provide a comprehensive list of brands that share these values:

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3 4


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