Not The New Black

Have you ever heard the saying “blank is the new black”? This expression is most commonly used in the fashion world referring to the hot color of the season. Its meaning is to say that so and so color is the latest trend making it just as much of a necessity as black would be in your closet.

Our site is called Not The New Black because our focus is on ethical fashion which we believe not to be a trendy thing but the absolute right thing to do. We believe that being a conscious consumer is not about following a trend. Instead, we should all desire transparency in order to understand where our products are coming from and to ensure that the people making our clothes are being treated fairly. Our consumerism should never infringe on another person’s freedom.

Ethical fashion is a loaded term which encapsulate many ideas such as ethical labor laws, environmental protection, social justice, quality goods, empowerment, etc. We hope to use our site as a platform to discuss these topics and to introduce you to companies who are making conscious consumerism an easy and fun thing to do while making a BIG impact in the world around us.

To learn more about how the idea for Not The New Black got started check out our first blog post.

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