Make sure to check out the locations tab to find the full address for the company and/or a link to find where that company has stores located. Costs listed are where majority of the companies products lie.


31 Bits – California 

Using fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty.

jewelry, bags. $40-$100


Abrazo Style – Mexico

Where contemporary style embraces the rich artistic traditions of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

women, children, accessories, jewelry, bags. $30-$120

Aeon Row – Massachusetts

Our mission is to help people make statements, to turn everyday choices into acts of self-expression.

women’s. $28-$78

Akola Project – Texas

Creating a social impact throughout the entire supply chain.

jewelry. $20-$90

Alicia San Marcos California

Founded on the promise of providing access to education for children in Guatemala, a country where over 50% of people live in poverty.

bags, women’s. $165-$260

All the Wild Roses – Australia

The Wild Rose encapsulates a spirit that we believe exists in every woman – The Dreamer, The Bohemian Spirit, The Ultra-Feminine and The Brave.

women’s, jewelry, bags. $100-$250

Alternative Apparel – Georgia

Our commitment to sustainability is defined by creating products responsibly. We make over 80% of our garments with sustainable materials and processes.

women’s, men’s, accessories, bags, houseware. $20-$70

Anekdot – Germany

Each creation is individually designed and hand-crafted in Berlin to maintain the highest quality and least wastage.

intimates, swim. $40-$80

Ankura Brand – Peru

Ankura -. Greek word. “Anchor”, for us holds together style and ethics behind the brand.

women’s, jewlery, bags. $140 – up

Apolis – New York & LA

Our model of “Advocacy Through Industry” is a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change.

bags, men’s, accessories. $30-$100

Aster and Oak – Australia

An Australian children’s clothing label that offers a truly unique range of certified organic clothing for all the precious little people in our lives.

children. $20-$50

Ateljee – San Francisco

Our mission is to merge Californian spirit with Scandinavian values and design.

children. $40-$60

Azmara Asefa – Los Angeles 

Activist Fashion

women’s, jewelry. wide range


B GreenCalifornia

Producing premium quality apparel that looks good, fits comfortably and leaves the world a better place.

intimates, men’s. $25-$40

Bajalia – Florida

Committed to alleviating poverty by providing sustainable income streams through job creation worldwide, thereby investing in women who are truly changing the world.

jewelry, bags. wide range

Bamboo Body – Australia

Look good, feel good, do good.

women’s, men’s, intimates. $60 – up

Bangs Shoes – Virginia

Our model is built to invest 20% of net profits in helping people start businesses.

shoes. $50-$60

Belvele – San Francisco

Belvele is a platform for independent designers who represent designers who represent our brand’s essence: design, craftsmanship, sustainability. 

women’s, men’s. $100 – up 

Berg and BettsCanada

At BERG+BETTS we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability and it is our mission to provide you with eco-friendly products that are sophisticated, responsible, and affordable.

jewelry. $90-$130

beyond Beanie Switzerland

Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies, school uniforms and dental care to children in need.

accessories, bags. $20-$40


Clothed in Hope – North Carolina

To empower women in Zambia through education and economic opportunity.

women, men, children, jewelry, bags, houseware. $5-$30

Consider the Wldflrws – Tennessee 

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques in a non-traditional setting, Consider the Wldflwrs is a leader in a new generation of creatives by building something different.

jewelry, houseware. wide range 


Eileen Fisher – New York

Our purpose is to inspire simplicity, creativity and delight through connection and great design.

women, shoes, accessories, bags. $200 and up

Elegantees New York

The “elegant tee” was created in 2010 to merge garment industry experience with entrepreneurship and fighting trafficking. It’s more than creating stylish clothing, but by opening doors for those rescued from being trafficked.

women’s, childrens. $40-$75

Elevate – Nebraska

Collaboration, Opportunity, Transformation, Repeat.

bags. $40 – up

Encircled – Canada

We’re on a mission to help you pack lighter and do more with less.

women’s. $60- up

Everlane – California

Radical Transparency. Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why.

women, men, accessories, shoes, bags, children. $20-$100


FashionABLE – Tennessee

We believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves.

bags, accessories, jewelry. wide range

Fibre Athletics – Chicago

A life-style company that makes high quality, fair trade active wear from 100% organic and recycled materials, Fibre supports poverty alleviation and environmental restoration projects with each sale.

women’s, men’s. $60-$150


HOPE Made in the World – New York

Clothing that fits, and fits in with the world. We believe that the first step in transforming a wardrobe into one that reflects ethical consumption is to start by replacing the essentials. We are here to help you ease into that transition.

women’s, men’s, accessories. $60 – up


Indigenous – California

Supporting and preserving fair trade wages and artisan cooperatives, investing in natural and organic fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes, spreading the beauty of handmade, eco fashion.

women’s, men’s, accessories. $60 – up

Industry Of All Nations – Los Angeles

In April 2010, Industry of All Nations became a design and development office founded with a commitment to rethink methods of production for consumer goods.

women’s, men’s, shoes, accessories. $80 – up


Girlfriend Collective 

We started Girlfriend Collective because we saw the need for affordable, luxury activewear that doesn’t destroy the environment, and that gives everyone from the factory to the office living wages and a decent life.

women. N/A

good hYOUman – California

Our goal is to create and deliver YOU unbelievably comfortable clothing and unique accessories that make YOU feel GOOD.

women, men, accessories. $40-$100


Kestan – California

We understand that every woman is multi-faceted, and we want to enable our customers to express their personality and ethics through their style.

women’s, jewlery, bags. $50 – $80

Krochet Kids International (KKi) – California 

We are empowering the women of Northern Uganda and Peru with the assets, skills, and knowledge to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

women, men, children, accessories, bags. $20-$125

Kula Project – Georgia

Investing in families.

accessories. $10-$40


Manos Zapotecas – California

To perpetuate the beautiful traditions of the Zapotec artisans and improve their lives by connecting them with socially conscious consumers around the globe.

bags, houseware. wide range

Market Colors – Florida

We exist to make a lasting impact for families throughout Africa and India.

bags, accessories, jewelry. $10-$40

Mata Traders – Illinois 

Fair trade clothing and accessories made by the hands of artisans in India and Nepal.

women, jewelry, accessories. $20-$90

Matter Prints 

Our mission is threefold – to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire consumers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities.

men, women, accessories. $80-$130

Mayamiko – London

Established in 2013 by Paola Masperi, Mayamiko is a collection of clothing, accessories and home wares , ethically made in Malawi fusing together contemporary design with traditional African techniques.

women’s, bags, houseware. $30-$80

Mini Mioche – Canada

Our mission is to offer the best locally-made, premium organic fashion basics for babies and kids.

children. $30-$60

MUD Jeans – Netherlands

What if we all clean up our own mess? This simple idea is the start of the MUD way of thinking. This is the circular economy.

jeans, sweaters, shirts, accessories. $25-$100

My SisterMinnesota

MY SISTER’s mission is to prevent sex trafficking, educate communities, empower the population, provide after-care for survivors and offer growth opportunities to at-risk women through the sales of our statement-making, ethically-sourced apparel and accessories.

women’s, jewelry, children. $20-$40


Naja – California

Naja is a product of our passions and beliefs: a love for beautifully designed things, a bit of rebelliousness, and a deep desire to make the world a better place.

women, swim, intimates. $20-$100

Nisolo – Tennessee

To return fashion to what it once was: about people, art, and valuing the producer and the planet just as much as the customer.

shoes, bags, jewelry. $100-$240

Noctu – UK & Norway

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and minimalist design, noctu’s ethos is to make beautiful and comfortable nightwear using the highest quality organic fabrics to the highest Fair Trade standards.

women’s, men’s, houseware. $30-$60


Ocean and Main – Los Angeles

Eco-Friendly caftans inspired by the ocean, made on Main Street. Ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles. At Ocean+Main, we love the ocean.

women’s. $100 – up

Origamo – Massachusetts

Origamo is a young clothing brand for men. Our goal is to build the best products, promote and develop the use of sustainable natural materials, and use business as a factor of human development.

men’s. $80 – $90


Pact – Colorado

We’re committed to organic cotton to minimize our impact on the environment and improve the conditions and quality of life for the people who make our clothing.

women, men, children, intimates. wide range

Patagonia – California

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

women, men, children, bags. wide range

People Tree UK – London

People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout our supply chain.

women, men, accessories, jewelry. $20-$100

Purple Impression – California

Bringing people together through fashion and art. We don’t see ourselves as simply selling clothes but spreading values and ideas that they represent.

women’s, accessories. $100 – up

Purse & Clutch – Texas

We are a socially conscious handbag brand that seeks to provide modern, fresh essentials for the everyday woman while employing artisans from Ethiopia & Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty.

bags, accessories, houseware. $30-$100


Raven + Lily – Texas

Raven + Lily is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design.  

women’s, jewlery, bags, houseware, shoes. $50-$100

Revolution – Pennsylvania

Revolution was founded with the purpose to build relationships and community.

jewelry. $20- $30 

Rock Pillar – Peru

RockPillar is an ethical, sustainable and handmade footwear brand.

shoes. $100 – up

Rose and Fitzgerald – Uganda

An art, design and craft studio based in Kampala, Uganda, founded by a Californian couple who fell in love with the beauty of the indigenous materials and craftspeople they encountered in their adopted home of Africa.

houseware, jewelry. wide range


Sisters of Nature – Nashville

Sisters of Nature is committed to consciously choosing the socially responsible and eco-friendly option wherever possible when producing our clothing.

women’s, jewelry. $100 – up

Slumlove Sweater Co

All our clothing is handmade in Kenya, where we pay our employees fair wages, treat them with respect, and give them the opprotunities and resources needed to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

women’s, men’s, accessories. $30 – $80

Sseko Designs – Uganda

Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda. Through the sale beautiful of handbags, accessories and leather sandals, we create opportunity and community for women globally.

shoes, bags, accessories. $50 and up

Sudara – Oregon

We are passionate about India- where some of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking anywhere in the world are reported. 

women, men, children, bags, accessories. $30-$60

Symbology – Texas

Symbology employs women artisans from India and the West Bank, each bringing beautiful cultural artforms to our collections.

women’s, men’s, accessories. $100 – up

Synergy Organic – California

Synergy is commitmented to helping create opportunities and empowerment for everyone in the Synergy supply chain.

women’s, accessories, jewelry. $40-$100


The Created Co – California

We’re creating drinkware to inspire, connect, and empower people because many of life’s most meaningful moments occur alongside a drink.

houseware. $17-$70

The Little Market – California

We seek out handmade products that are meaningful for their beauty and the change they create for the artisans who crafted them. We strive to connect our artisans with consumers to create a positive and sistainable change in their livelihood.

accessories, houseware, children. wide range

The Root Collective 

The Root Collective is bucking the trends of mass production by focusing on handcrafted quality where the impact on the lives of our makers, and the role of your purchases in that, is the focus.

shoes, accessories. $80-$150

The Tote Project – California

We believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of modern day slavery worldwide, and want to do our part to support recovering survivors pursuing their dreams.

bags. $18-$30

Thinx – New York

Hard at work breaking the period taboo.

intimates. $25-$40

Thought – London

We’re also proud supporters of slow fashion, which is why we design clothing intended to last. We hope the contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces will become your favourites.

women’s, men’s, intimates, accessories. $40-$100

Thread 4 Thought – New York

Threads 4 Thought is a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly & supports sustainable initiatives.

women, men. wide range

Thread Co – Nashville

At Thread Co., we believe the perfect size is YOURS. We want our clothing to compliment each person’s unique and individual style. Our goal is to be your go-to favorites for your everyday life.

women’s, men’s. $40-$60

Tjula Design – Canada

TJULA strives to design quality and fairly priced products made by ethical means that fit your everyday life.

women. $45-$85

Tonlé – Cambodia

Our process starts with scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers. Using every last thread, we create handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers.

women’s, bags, accessories. $50-$80


Vetta – New York

We create mini capsule wardrobes made up of five versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a month’s worth of outfits.

women. $80-$180


Wallis Evera – Vancouver

We serve women who want natural fibre, locally made, and sustainably produced clothing that’s also suitable for the traditional office environment.

women’s. $75 – up


YSTR – Los Angeles

All of our clothes are ethically made by specialized artisans at our DTLA headquarters using cut-to-order manufacturing technology.

women’s. $100 – up

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