13686705_839113896188144_8008562353860455468_nCourtney Jones, Contributing Blogger/Founder:

Dog lover, binge watcher, cook, believer, friend, and conscious consumer.

Courtney is trying to do her best to become the best human she can be. Slow fashion has been a passion of hers for almost two years, and from that short amount of time she has found that changing your lifestyle is not about doing a 180, but about making baby steps. It’s reading an article about sweatshops, saying no to walking into H&M, talking to others about what you’ve learned, learning from others, and everyday seeking ways to better yourself. We will never be perfect and we will have slips, but if we keep striving to be better for this world, she believes we can make a change.

Follow her journey on Instagram @_courtney_lou

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Morgan Ginn, Contributing Blogger/Founder:

Morgan is an advertising major at the University of Florida with a focus in sustainability studies and social marketing. She is a social justice activist, ethical fashion enthusiast, aspiring minimalist, avid coffee drinker and an adventure seeker.

Her journey into ethical fashion was inspired by her twin sister who encouraged her to begin asking questions about where her products came from. For Morgan, being a conscious consumer is all about giving a damn–we must value people more than we value things.

Currently, Morgan is based in Gulu, Uganda working for her favorite ethical fashion company, Krochet Kids.

She lives by the motto “Live Simply. Love Immensely.”

Want to follow along on her journey? Follow her on Instagram @morginn_ashley 


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