Not The New Black: Our Journey To Becoming Better

Hi everyone, Morgan and Courtney here! This right here is our first blog post ever, and to start things off, we thought it would be good to introduce ourselves and what our hopes for the blog are.

To start, we met each other through an internship with a super cool and rad company called Krochet Kids Intl. We encourage all of you to go look them up! There will definitely be a blog post on them in the future, but for now what you should know about them is that they are working with women in Uganda and Peru to empower them and raise them out of poverty through making clothes. Krochet Kids has been a huge influencer on both of our journeys through slow fashion.


Working at an ethical company showed us how much work goes behind making clothes the right way, and essentially confirmed for us that no, opening our own shop isn’t really what we want. There are a ton of great companies out there doing amazing things, but many people have no idea they exist. Because of this, we began to realize that the role we wanted to play in the slow fashion industry was to educate. And thus, this blog was born.

The reason we are starting this blog is because slow fashion has yet to become a household term. For those of you who know what slow fashion is and may have tried to describe it to someone else, that person may have looked at you like you had three heads. It’s a simple concept, buying clothes that are made in an ethical manner, but it is also a very complex word. It involves empowering women, reducing environmental waste, investing in clothes and not just grabbing the sales, having clothing swaps with friends, selling your clothes, buying second hand, researching where you clothes actual come from, and much more.


The goal of this blog is to hopefully allow you to better understand your impact when buying clothes. Slow fashion should be something on everyone’s radar because of its huge worldly consequences. It should be something you give a damn about. Each month we will be writing a post about a certain aspect of the slow fashion world that we think everyone should give a damn about. Do not mistake this as us telling you what to do, or trying to impose that we are better than everyone else. These posts are for all of us to grow and expand our knowledge.

Changing our fashion lifestyle does not happen overnight and it is by no means easy. Our hope with this blog is to educate ourselves along with you as a person and as a consumer. Finding brands to invest in is also a difficult task which is why we have included a conscious brand tab on our website. Here you will find brands that we have researched and found to be ethical. This is a forever continuing list of brands as new ethical shops open all the time and there are already a bunch out there. By placing a large group of brands in one place, we hope to encourage you to buy from those companies.

Well that’s a wrap on our first post, we hope you stick around to research the ethical brands we have listed so far and come back at the end of the month for our first ‘Give A Damn’ piece about why you should give a damn about who made your clothes. Thanks for reading and we hope you stay with us on our journey to become better!

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