Spotlight Company: Krochet Kids International


This month is all about asking the question, who made my clothes? One company in particular is making it super easy to answer this question. This company is called Krochet Kids International. Sound familiar? Yes this is how we met, and yes we are very biased towards the company but they are super rad and we are here to tell you why.

Krochet Kids mission is to empower women to rise above poverty. They do this by employing women in Uganda and Peru to make their apparel. Every product is hand signed by the woman who made it so that you can #knowwhomadeit. The profiles of the women are listed on their site so you can put a face to a name and learn the story of the wonderful woman that made your product and how your purchase is playing a role in her empowerment.

Ajarova Joyce

To really truly help someone you have to love them or that thing more than you love yourself. We think Krochet Kids is an example of this because they truly care about the women in their program and the communities in which they work in.   

Ericka Elizabet Chumacero Barco

One of our favorite components of the Krochet Kids model is graduation. Empowerment isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving. Helping people starts with relationships. They give the women they work with a job, an education, and a mentorship. The women spend about three to five years in the program and then they graduate. After graduation, the women go on and start businesses of their own. What we love about this is that it allows the women to go forth and empower others through creation of small businesses in their community–this is full circle empowerment. If you want to be apart of ending poverty, or empowering women, this is the company for you. We encourage you to check out Krochet Kids website and learn more about their model and their impact, as this article just scratches the surface of what Krochet Kids is doing.

Graduation Ceremony

If you’re with us on the journey of learning to give a damn we encourage you to switch out fast fashion companies for companies that value transparency, like Krochet Kids. As we said in the beginning we met through Krochet Kids so we’re pretty obsessed. Courtney’s favorite product from Krochet Kids is the Caroline and Morgan’s favorite product is the Arizona.

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